We have found that not every seller currently need an e-commerce site – or just don’t have time to add their products – but there are a lot of people are still searching for deliveries.

Therefore, in addition we are compiling a straightforward directory of contacts for local suppliers that provide delivery services.

If you would like to add a business or your own business to this directory Click Here

Driven into Self isolation/shielding and reliant upon home delivery, and with our appropriate skill set we decided to try and help our home community of Beccles and the community we are from and our parent live in (Bradwell/Gorleston).

It occurred to us others may be in the same situation and as Supermarkets get busier it is becoming harder and harder to get supplies.

This free to buyers and to sellers website allows shops, Farm Shops, wholesalers, market gardeners or anyone who can supply home delivered groceries to have a web shop to list their available products and speed up the process by taking phone orders, and having the customers order on screen.

This whole site only took a day to build, and is a little shabby around the edges, but may fulfill a need in the current situation.

Shops can sign up from the menu. There is an approval system. The system need not take payments, this can be done by phone, but can also be completed by credit card or PayPal (which you can set up via our site), allowing us to provide this service and still be 100% FREE to sellers and buyers alike – and allowing the logistics of deliveries still be in the hands of each individual shop.

Be safe.

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neil robertson · 11 April 2020 at 7:13 am

If you know of any additional companies delivering or offering services, please add them http://www.communitygrocerydelivery.co.uk/add-a-shop-you-know-of/

If you have any Comments or suggestions please post them here.

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