Local producers, farms, shops, takeaways, pubs and wholesalers – Sell Your Food an Drink For Home Delivery During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Out break – FOR FREE

We know it is an extremely busy time for you but if you are able, please feel free to register for our local community free e-commerce site for your local produce and deliveries.

It is totally free and aimed at offering a central e-commerce store where local (Norfolk and Suffolk) people in isolation can find deliveries of products from local suppliers.  It is also aimed to promote your products and help to speed up your orders to give you more time to prepare your deliveries and to deliver.

We live in Beccles and are currently self-isolating.  Seeing lots of people making requests on social media for where they could order goods and individual companies advertising, we decided to use our skill set to try to help in this current situation (totally free of charge, of course). We realised that many small producers might not have their own on-line means to collect orders, so thought this be might helpful and save you time. (Even if you do have your own ecommerce, you can still use our site as an additional means of taking orders, or just as a link to your own site by putting your own URL on your products).

We would love it if you would consider registering your shop and goods, to make products easier to find for everyone. We set this up two days ago and have lots of people looking for deliveries, but not many suppliers have registered as yet.

How it works,

You register your shop

at http://www.communitygrocerydelivery.co.uk/vendor-registration/  – we approve it and send you instructions on how to upload your products. Don’t forget to let us know the areas you deliver to.

You add your products including stock levels using your own included woocommerce shop and let us know when you are ready – we set your shop live.

Your stock is immediately updated when products are ordered by the customer adding them to their cart.

You can add stock, suspend stock or add sale prices easily.

You will receive their order and then the customer just need to contact you with their order number (or you can call the customer when convenient) to pay and arrange delivery according to the current pandemic guidelines.

The instructions for adding your shop are here (DOWNLOAD PDF) – so you can see how quick and easy it is.

We really hope you would like to register and that this helps in organising your stock and deliveries. Our only request is that suppliers do not overly inflate prices.

Thank-you so much for doing what you do for your local community.

Please come back to us if you have any questions.

With Best Wishes for continuing good health,

Sharon and Neil.

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neil robertson · 11 April 2020 at 7:13 am

If you know of any additional companies delivering or offering services, please add them http://www.communitygrocerydelivery.co.uk/add-a-shop-you-know-of/

If you have any Comments or suggestions please post them here.

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